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Step it Up! 
01:15pm 10/04/2007

Celebrate Earth Day at Clark U! 
05:17pm 20/04/2006

Come to Clark U's Jamnesty!!
Saturday, April 22 9pm-12am in the Grind in the University Center!

When the Walls are Built
Becca Herskovitz
Courtney Denison
Marisa Levenson
Cuddlefish + Cod
Rachel Carey
The Grill Station
& More!!!

Listen to Music + Learn about Environmental Causes!

Sponsored by: Amnesty International + UCAB

Dance Party at Clark U! 
01:36am 23/03/2006
  Come to Amnesty International's Dance off for Human Rights in Nepal!
Dance the Night Away with a ROCU DJ!
There will also be dance contests held throughout the evening for prizes, such as a $25 gift certificate to Nancy Chang's!
Or just enjoy the free food + admission and come learn about Nepal!

Friday, March 24th in the Grind in the University Center at Clark U from 9pm-1am

Sponsored by: Amnesty International & UCAB.
05:02pm 02/03/2006
  Who needs a place for the summer??

We are looking to sublet a 3-bedroom apartment.
I will be partially furnished, electric, heat, water included...
Basically on Clark campus (69 Downing). Right off of Park and Main St.
Reply here or email elambeck@CLARKu.edu with any questions.
05:10pm 04/12/2005
  Okay, I'm not sure if this community is dead/was ever active, but I'll give it a try.

I'm Carrie...a senior in high school...a prospective student for the class of 2010...blah blah, et cetera & so on and so forth. From what I've both seen and read, Holy Cross seems to be a pretty nice school. However, I have some questions about a few things. Any insight that you may have to offer would be greatly appreciated.
1) I'm sure you've gotten this one 89347 times: Is Catholicism a particularly large part of everyday life in the HC Community? (I'm not Catholic. Problem? Yes? No?)

2) Academics (difficulty, teachers, courses, etc.)
--I've heard time and time again that Holy Cross has an unusually high/rigorous course load in comparison many schools in the notorious "small liberal arts" group. Is there any truth behind this?
--Art, French, psychology...this may be a bit too broad for you to answer, but if you know anything about these departments, I'd love to hear what you have to say.

3) Extra curriculars? I love writing, rowing and running. More specifically, is there anything I'd be able to do with writing?

4) Is there an active social life on campus? Parties? Concerts? What do you like to do for fun?

5) In general, how are the people? I like quirkiness. I like to be intriugued. Would you say they're interesting/passionate/intelligent? (Is that a dumb question?) Is there a certain "type" of individual who tends to be drawn to the school, or is the student body relatively diverse?

6) What do you like best about Holy Cross? Least?
Thanks in advance!
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04:24pm 30/11/2005
  Come to Jamnesty at Clark University!!!
On Saturday, December 3rd in the Grind in the University Center from 9:30pm - 1:00am
Featuring Prizes + Free Food!

Acts Include:
Cervix with a Smile
Clark University Slam Team
Dan Levine
The Grill Station
Rachel Carey
Courtney Denison
Becca Herskovitz
Marisa Levenson
Denise Darrigrand + The Timely Warnings

Donations Welcome!

Sponsored by: Amnesty International, Peaceworks + UCAB
The Introduction... 
11:45am 02/07/2005
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So while this board is really quite sleepy, I've just joined and thought I'd say hello...

I'm Kara, I'm a member of the class of '07, one of the few who isn't going abroad next year!! On campus I'm involved in the College Choir & the Chapel Choir, and I copy edit for the Crusader. I've volunteered for Admissions for the past two years, hosting prospectives, and I'm a former fypper. I'm an English major (mostly because I'm addicted to books), and right now I'm hoping to go to grad school, become a professor, and stay in college for the rest of my life. Anyway, I'm pretty approachable and would be glad to talk to all of you... especially any incoming '09ers! Have we got a few around here?
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11:47pm 30/01/2005
  I'm aware that this community is, for the most part, dormant, but I thought maybe it might start up again soon. I'm Marjorie; I applied to HC early decision and got my acceptance letter a few weeks ago. I'm not really ready for college but am fairly excited to at least *know* where I'm going, where I'll be, and so on. I'm from New Jersey and-- school-wise-- am mainly interested in literature (I want to be a writer) and theology (I want to be a saint.) I'm looking forward to meeting other (current or future) Holy Cross students here, and if not, then that's okay too. :)

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